Open Gridiron Board Positions-Looking for Volunteers

Posted by Medway Mustangs Gridiron Club on Feb 14 2021 at 05:08PM PST

Important Reminder***

Are you a parent of a Medway HS Football and/or Cheerleader?
Are you interested in supporting the athletic, educational, and personal growth experience of MHS students who are members of the MHS football and cheerleading programs, and to support these teams’ coaching staff?

If so, we have several opportunities for you to consider.

The Medway Mustangs Gridiron Board is recruiting for the following 2 open positions: 1. President and 2. Treasurer. If you are interested in either one of these positions, please reach out to one of our board members and plan to attend the attend the March 10th Monthly Meeting at Medway VFW or Zoom. At that meeting, we will ask for nominations for both board positions and hold a vote. If you have any questions regarding these positions, please reach out to any board member (listed below).

Lastly, below is a link to our website and our by laws


Current Board Members
☑️Marc Curran, President
☑️Lisa Hundertmark, Treasurer
☑️Mark Der Garabedian, Head of Fundraising/Communications Liaison
☑️Christine Jorgensen, Secretary
☑️Christine Early, Cheer Liaison
☑️Tina Ouellette, Cheer Liaison